Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mommy, You're So Fat!

I have somehow made it 32 years without being called fat to my face (that I remember) until tonight, when my adorable 3 year old cupped my cheeks and told me I was "so have fat cheeks!"  Do I think she actually knows what that means?  Nope.  And given my genetics, I am really hoping she never knows - her father has never had a weight problem, so maybe she'll get lucky.  But by God, that's one of the reasons I am determined to succeed - so my kids won't have a fat mom, and so maybe they will have a fighting chance at a healthy life growing up, something that I lacked, and am only coming to terms with now.

My husband and I talked tonight about "the easy way out" and an article I saw linked somewhere else as I was reading blogs to keep me motivated.  At this point, my family knows about my surgery and they know how long I've struggled, so I couldn't care less about their opinion on the easy way.  I think what I've identified is two things - people either feel their weight loss success is cheapened by those of us taking this route, or it's out and out jealousy.  I know jealousy has led me to make unkind remarks in the past for sure.  As for those who have been able to do it the "hard" way, good for them - but after 32 years I'd like something to be easy for once (which this is not!)

Tomorrow is my first official weigh in and I expect to see about 7lbs gone based on the scale today.  I did not do the pre-op diet (one, because my BMI is on the lower end and two, because I'm nursing and the dietitian advised against it), so this is the first real weigh in.  At 7lbs gone, I will be in a new 10lb range and 7lbs away from my (admittedly high) pre-pregnancy weight.  With a secret goal of 80lbs to lose and a realistic goal of 70lbs, that's a good chunk of the way there!  Must remember that, and keep up my motivation through the next week of full liquids (mushy food cannot get here fast enough!)

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