Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby, you were banded this way.

Anyone who tells you weight loss surgery is the easy way out has never had weight loss surgery.  Maybe they are jealous of the potential, maybe they really believe you can do it yourself, or maybe they are just afraid.  Either way, it's not the easy way out.

I was banded on January 10th.  So far I've lost about 7lbs on the post-op "full liquids" diet and I'm so sick of shakes that I was never so happy to see soup in my life.  But I'm almost  through the first week, and by God I'm going to get through the second week and on to mushies if it kills me.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty down and frustrated - I'm not hungry, just so grossed out by my vitamins and the protein power - that I started googling "Lap band blogs."  I read through the entirety of a few and thought perhaps I should start my own to chronicle this time - we'll see if it sticks.  For now, I'm glad to be through the surgery and well into recovery.  I have one incision site that hurts (my port) but I can lay on my stomach and sleep with no problem and nurse my son no problem.

I've been overweight and fat pretty much my whole life, so I can't wait to see where I go!  

PS - When I've been walking I've been listening to the Glee version of "Born This Way" - hence the "Banded This Way."  Although the song is about loving who you are no matter what, I like to think that by loving myself so much I decided to take this step.

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